• Nov 2018: Congratulations to the recent awards in Cao lab! 

    2018                Winner, Norma M. Allewell Prize In Entrepreneurship—-Kan Cao 

    2018                Ann G. Wylie Fellowship, UMD —— Julie Choi 

    2018                Andrew Moyer Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award—— Julie Choi 

    2018                University of Maryland GRAD Oral Presentation Competition 1st place—— Julie Choi 

    2018                Zain Award, BISI, UMD—— Julie Choi 

    2017                Best Poster Presentation, Bioscience Day—– Julie Choi 

    2017                Dean’s fellowship, UMD——-Kun Wang

  • Nov 2018: Congratulations to the recent papers in Cao lab!  

    Wang et al., Scientific Rep, 2018

    Choi et al., JBMR, 2018

  • Oct 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Di Wu, Dr. Kun Wang and Dr. Julie Choi for their recent success thesis defense!

  • Oct 2018: Congratulations to Xiaojing Mao and Yani Gete for passing Ph.D. candidacy exams!

  • April 2018: Welcome two new lab members: Reynold Yu and Huijing Xue.

  • June 2017: Congratulations to the recent awards in Cao lab! Great job, everyone!
    2017	Invention of the Year Finalist ---Zhengmei Xiong and Kan Cao
    2017	Nominee for 2017 Council of Graduate Schools/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Competition (results pending) 
    	---Haoyue Zhang
    2017	NIH T32 predoctoral fellowship –--Yani Gete 
    2017	Dean’s fellowship, UMD ---Xiaojing Mao
    2017	Ann G. Wylie Fellowship, UMD ---Di Wu
    2017	Charles A. Caramello Distinguished Dissertation Award, UMD ---Haoyue Zhang
    2017	Oral Presentation, 2nd place, Graduate Research Appreciation Day (GRAD), UMD ---Julie Choi 

  • June 2017: Congratulations to all authors in our recent papers!!!
    Zhang et al.,		PLOS One 2016
    Wu et al.,		Nucleus 2016
    Zhang et al.,		Frontiers in Biology  2017
    Tariq et al.,		Nucleus 2017
    Xiong et al.,		Nature Scientific Reports 2017
    (press release https://go.umd.edu/Mblue)

  • June 2017: Congratulations to Megan to become the new Executive Administrative Assistant 
of CBMG. Wish you a great success and best luck!
  • May 2017: Kan served as a PHD dissertation opponent in Karolinska Institute, Sweden. What an experience!
  • Feb 2017: Welcome Xiaojing and Yani, our new graduate students!
  • April 2016: Congratulations to Julie! Julie won the first place in the poster presentation contest on Graduate Research Appreciation Day 2016. We are very proud of you, Julie!
  • January 2016: Welcome Mason! Our new lab technician!
  • December 2015: Cao lab received a five year NIH/NHLBI grant! Thanks for the support!!
  • December 2015: Congratulations to Julie’s T32 NIH predoctoral fellowship!
  • December 2015:Kan gave a seminar to high school students in Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
  • December 2015: Welcome Megan Leung, our new lab assistant!
  • November 2015: Congrats to Julie for passing her qualification exam!
  • November 2015: Congrats to Di Wu for the Goldhaber Travel Award!
  • October 2015: Mei’s Paper accepted to Aging Cell! Congratulations to all the authors!
  • Oct 2015, Julie gave a presentation to the UND-UMB community in the innovative seed grant celebration!
  • July 2015, Cao lab received a new grant from MSCRF. Thanks to MSCRF for the continuous support to the progeria iPSC project!
  • July 2015: Kun’s Paper accepted to Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics!
  • April 2015: Kan is promoted to Associate professor with tenure!!
  • March 2015: Mike’s father, Michael O’Donovan from NINDS, give a seminar to CBMG Department and sits in on our lab meeting.
  • Feb 2015: The Lab is awarded a Maryland Innovation Initiative Grant for preliminary research on a new business venture!
  • Dec 2014: Welcome Linlin, our newest postdoc to the lab!
  • Oct 2014: Congratulations to to Helen Cai on her acceptance to UPenn’s Dental Program!
  • Congratulations to Kun and Di on there healthy and beautiful baby boy, Oscar
  • July 2014  Welcome to our new lab manger Mike O’Donovan!
  • 2014 July: Kun’s paper is accepted by Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
  • 2014 June: Cao won the Research and Innovation Seed-grant Award.
  • June 2014 Haoyue’s Wedding. Congratulations to both of you!
  • 2014 April: Cao lab participated in a filming competition funded by LabTV and NIH. Film featuring Cao lab member won Gold Award in the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • 2014 April: Haoyue’s PNAS paper was accepted!
  • Jan 2014 Di’s Nucleus paper was accepted! Congratulations!(On the Cover!)
  • Jan 2014: Zeshan–HHMI undergraduate fellowship
  • Jan 2014  UMCP-UMD Seed Grant Award
  • September 2013: Kan won the 2013 CMNS Board of Visitors Junior Faculty Award! Good job!September 2013: Congratulations to Kun! His paper is accepted to ACM BCB conference and invited to the TCBB Journal!2013  Board Of Visitors (BOV) Assistant Professor Award, CMNS, UMD
  • April 2013: The adipocyte paper is accepted and published in the impact Journal Aging. Congratulations to Mei! January 2013: Welcome Sam Kelly, our newest graduate student!!!
  • November 2012: Jason received the Laffer scholarship award! Congratulations to Jason!!!Oct. 2012: Congratulations to Christina!!! She was admitted to Department of Nursing in the Community College of Baltimore County at Catonsville.Sept. 2012: Mouse model paper was accepted to Aging Cell! Congrats to Julia and Haoyue! 
  • Sept. 2012: Genome Research paper was accepted! Congrats to Ashely and Haoyue!
  • Sept. 2012: Welcome to our two new postdoctoral fellows: Drs. Pratima Bhati and Subhadip Kundu! Welcome Kun Wang, a first year graduate student co-mentored with Dr. Sridhar Hannenhalli. Welcome undergraduate student Renuka Tripu!
  • April 2012: eLS paper accepted!
  • April 2012: Melissa received the HHMI undergraduate research fellowship. Congratulations!
  • Feb. 2012: We submitted a paper to Genome Research.
  • Feb. 2012: Congratulations to Jason! Our paper in collaboration with Dr. Losert is published!
  • Dec. 2011: Jason has been awarded the HHMI Undergraduate Research Fellowship!!
  • Nov. 2011: Congratulations to Melissa, who just was accepted into the CBMG Honors Program!
  • Nov. 2011: Kan has also become a faculty fellow for Integrated Life Sciences in the Honors College of UMD.
  • July 2011: Ashley received the 2011 NIH Training Grant in Cell and Molecular Biology. We are so proud of you!
  • June 2011: Kan received the New Scholar Award in Aging from the Ellison Medical Foundation. Good job!
  • May 2011: Kan received a grant from Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund.
  • May 2011: STM paper accepted!
  • April 2011: JCI paper accepted!
  • April 2011: Kan received a two-year NIH diversity research supplement.
  • Jan 2011: Kan received a research grant from the Progeria Research Foundation.
  • Dec 2010: Kan received RASA.